Como en Casa: 09/13/12


jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012


This collaboration started 4 years ago, they chose an old flower shop to set up their business and also kept some pieces of the vintage furniture - good choice!

What I really liked was the atmosphere of the place, the scratched walls, the colours, the wooden furniture and the plants. Actually there wasn't as many plants and flowers as there usually is due to Cayetana's vacations, but if you take a look at their blog, you could see what it usually looks like!

So, flower arrangements, plants, little seeds packages on one side and fashion on the other: Clara likes to find handmade products, young designers and unique objects to fill the shop. Washi tapes, jewelry, clothes, stationery...everything handmade and unique belongs here

Ad Hoc
c/ León 11
Madrid, Spain
T. 913697620